Replace Spare Tire Emergency Tire Sealant

Референция: TYRE REPAIR
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Gets you back on the road

No dirty hands

Seals Punctures

Reinflates Tyre

No Jack Required

Aeropak Emergency tyre sealer inflator is designed to quickly seal small punctures and leaks, reinflating your tyre in seconds. Aeropak tyre sealer inflator does not require a jack or wheel removal; it's a fast, easy and clean procedure that gets you back on the road in seconds. Suitable for small punctures on all tubeless or tube rubber tyres on cars and small trucks. IMPORTANT inform tyre repair shop that Emergency tyre sealer inflator was used.


It's important to follow standard auto safety precautions as if changing a tyre. Make sure your vehicle is clear of roadway traffic, hazard lights are flashing and parking brake is on.


Shake the can vigorously for one minutes before use.

Remove puncture object if less that 2-3mm in size;

If tyre is partially deflated, deflate until tyre is

relaxed to allow room for sealant;

Screw the Aeropak hose firmly on to the tyre valve stem,

hold can upright with button at the top remove protection

lock and press button until tyre appears correctly inflated;

When inflation is complete, disconnect and Immediately

drive for 3 to 5 km to spread the compound within the tyre and seal the puncture.

Max Speed 80kph


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