BT-280 DHC

Voltage tester - battery diagnostic - digital

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Multi-standards • SAE standard: 40 to 1200 CCA • DIN standard: 20 to 670 CCA • IEC standard: 25...

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The BT280 DHC tester from GYS is ideally used for applications that are concerned with checking lead battery status. It deals with these operations without having to disconnect the battery from the host unit, or those that are concerned with a separate battery. It is capable of providing instantaneous results on battery voltage, initial power, and current battery state. Moreover, this unit can deal with voltages that stretch from 4.5 up to 16 V. Moreover, it is fitted with an LCD screen.
Application  12V Batteries
12V Charging/Starting System
Operation Range 40 ~ 1,200 CCA (SAE)
Rating System SAE, DIN, EN, IEC, JIS (Battery Type No.)
Voltmeter 4.5 V ~ 16V
Display Graphic LCD Blue Back-Lit
Test Lead 20 inch/50 cm
Languages English
Accessories & Features Internal Resistance Analysis
Micro Design for Pocket Storage
No Internal Battery
Dimension L120 x W79 x H22.7 (mm)

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