Weisre PGX-58


48,00 € χ. Φ.Π.Α.

Ασύρματο Σύστημα 2 ασύρματων μικροφώνων για ΚΑΡΑΟΚΕ, που συνδέεται πανεύκολα με οποιαδήποτε...

Περισσότερες πληροφορίες

● dual channel design, and can be used simultaneously the two handheld (lapel) wireless microphone without interference.
● High-precision quartz crystal locked frequency.
● Noise locked, to solve general wireless receiver is not easy to overcome the noise interference problem.
● ultra-high sensitivity and high S / N ratio, receiver distance, continuous tone, not drift.
● Built-in noise reduction and compression - expansion circuit.
● superior selectivity, multiple channels simultaneously, and do not interfere with each other.
● metal casing, effectively avoid interference.
● most suitable for studio / Kara OK / broadcast.
● distance, an ideal environment to reach more than 50 meters, the complex environment for a radius of 30-40 meters.

System parameters:

● Carrier Frequency Range :220-270MHz
● Frequency response: 60Hz-16KHz ± 3dB
● harmonic interference ratio:> 90dB
● Frequency Stability: ± 0.005%
● S / N ratio:>-90dB
● output intensity :0-400mV
● Total harmonic distortion: <0.5%
● Mute control: [noise lock] mute control

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