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Dual modulator MD-21

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MD-21 modulator contains two independent TV modulators. Designed to work with CCTV cameras and Video and Audio from two separate sources to a signal used in home audio-video equipment, e.g. satellite receivers, DVD players, cameras etc. Lets you change the signal for any two channels. This signal can be conected to one or several TVs with coaxial cable. One cable can be used to transmit simultaneously signals of ground-based television and signals from additional devices, e.g. DVD, TV SAT or cameras and send them to all the TVs at home. On any TV, changing to appropriate channel you can watch the image from any additional device and from ground-based television.

Technical data:
power (power supply included) 9 - 12 V / 150mA;
OIRT channel range 1 - 12, 21 - 69, S1 - S38;
CCIR channel range 2 - 12, 21 -71, S1 - S41;
RF OUT 82 dBuV, socket F;
gain for RF IN 0 dB, socket F;
subcarrier audio frequency 5,5 MHz / 6,5 MHz;
video input 1V/75ohm, socket RCA;
video input 1V/75ohm, socket RCA;
audio input 775mV/600ohm, socket RCA;
audio input 775mV/600ohm, socket RCA;
modulation type - doubel sideband
harmonic channel filter 1-12 unavailable;
power via RF OUT: yes (switched);
control signal: yes (black-and-white bars);

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