Multi-Antenna 24cm Chanel 360°

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It is a universal antenna for reception of all TV and radio channels in the range of 40 to 850MHz. The advantage of the antenna are its small size and weight, which can be easily installed in various places (roof, balcony, window), as well as mobile objects (boat, car). Hermetic construction allows operation in all weather conditions. A very important advantage of an antenna MULTI CHANNEL is its omnidirectional (horizontal) directional characteristic, which means that you do not need to be specifically directed towards the transmitter. Antenna Power is held by the coaxial cable supplying amplified signal to the receiver. Małostratnych using passive signal splitters can simultaneously join multiple receivers. For connections use coaxial cable wave resistance of 75Ω and a diameter of 6mm.


  Frequency Band: 40-850 MHz
  collection characteristics: 360 °
  Antenna Gain VH: F 20-30dB
  Antenna Gain FM 25dB
  Impedance Output 75Ohm
  Power supply 12V DC 1O-30 mA

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