200W Heat Pencil Electric Welding Soldering Gun Solder Iron Tool

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Heat Pencil Electric Welding Soldering Gun Solder Iron Tool Soldering Iron Length 26cm

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Soldering iron length: 26cm
Power cord length: 136cm
Welding head length: 2cm
Power: 50HZ 200W

1 With quick heating, not easy to damp leakage, light, beautiful.
2 provide with special dual-construction heating element.
3 contains glass fibers for higher impact strength.
4 dual insulation construction protects hands from heat.
5 made of stainless steel for high resistance to rusting and oxidation caused by heat .

1 Always hang tin solder head
2 The flux is not available when the strong acidity of solder.
3 It can not a file or a hammer to repair and tapping the head.
4 When appears the tin, you should use fine sandpaper polishing welding Tsui, reoccupy flux infiltration after tin and welding Tsui tin temperature control in about 250 DEG C best (if you are using a non temperature controlled electric iron, to turn off the electricity supply, let Tsui welding temperature slightly lower after tin)
5 It is strictly prohibited to dismantle its electric part parts when you use electric iron electricity
6 New welding Tsui first use for baking heat of the electric heating element and a slight smoke, this is normal phenomenon, after ten minutes will naturally disappear

Package Included:
1 pcs Electric Welding Solder Iron Tool

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