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LED x5 628A-1

Repair platform with a lupo LED lamp

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LED Magnifying Lamp 628A Manifying Lamp Accompany with Bracket Plate

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Platform platform size 198 x 200 [mm]
     Lamp voltage 220V 50HZ
     The lamp is made of durable material
     Shines with 40 LEDs
     The LEDs shine white bright light without causing eye fatigue in long-term work.
     Illuminates a wide area
     We can regulate the power of light depending on your needs.
     The magnifying glass has a magnification of 5 diopters and a mesh of 10 diopters
     Cover protecting the magnifying glass from dust
     Green color

What's in the set:

     Mounting base
         Magnifier x5 with LED lamp 628A

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