Microphone With Pop Filter & Tripod Stand

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Microphone Shock Mount + Pop Filter Stand Holder Pro 4" Mini Mic Anti Pop Shield

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1.100% Brand new and nice quality.
2.Compatible with 3/8"-16 and 5/8"-27 threaded microphone stand.
3.Fits for microphone with barrel size: 0.748"-0.984"(19-25mm).
4.Pop filter diameter: 4"(101mm),2.Double layer screen design.
5.Protects the microphone from the accumulation of saliva.
6.Extremely effective at eliminating voice pop air blasts.
7.Compatible with:

AKG C451B,C391B,SE 300B,Perception 150,Perception 170,C480B,C568B C568 EB,CK9
Audio Technica AT3031,AT3032,AT4021,AT4081,PRO 37,AT897
Behringer B-5,C-2
Beyerdynamic microphone MCE 530
CAD equitek e70
DPA 4011A 4011TL,4006
Earthworks Z30X,TC20,TC25,TC30,SR30,QTC30,QTC40,QTC50,P30
Josephson C42
Microtech Gefell M294,M295,M296,M270,M210,M200,M300,MT71S,UMT70S
Mojave Audio MA-100
MXL 551,600,603,604,991,V67N
Neumann KM5,KM83,KM84,KM184,KM 183,KM 184
Oktava MK012,MK101,MK102,MK103,MK104
Rode NTG-1,NTG-2,NT5,NT55
Samson C02
Schoeps CMIT 5U,M 222,CMBI,CMC 4U,M 222 AC,CMC 6 xt,CMC 62 Ug,CMC 621 Ug,CMC 621H Ug,CMC 62H Ug,CMC 62S Ug,CMC 63 Ug,CMC 64 Ug,CMC 64 V Ug,CMC 64 VXS Ug,CMC 640 Ug,CMC 641 S Ug,CMC 641 Ug,CMC 641 V Ug,CMC 65 Ug,CMC 66 Ug,CMC 68 Ug,CMC 3,CMC 4,CMC 5,CMC 6
Sennheiser MKH 416,K6,ME80,MKH 418-S,MZD 8000,MKH 8020,MKH 8050,405
Shure KSM137,KSM141,KSM109,SM89
Sony ECM-674,ECM-678
Studio Projects C4
Telefunken M260

Package Includes:
1*Pop Shield with Shock Mount

Package Details
Weight: 144 g
Size: 25*16*5 cm

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