Отстъпка 3 In 1 Car Battery Tester Traction 6V 12V DC Auto Power

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6V 12V DC Auto Power Load Starting Charge CCA Test Tool Battery Measurement

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It is a product designed for traction and start-up lead-acid battery,

which can satisfy the loading capacity of traction lead-acid battery and cranking ability test of start-up lead-acid battery,

also it provides internal resistance parameters while testing as well.

The instrument is featured by excellent design, convenient operation, accurate reading and complete functions.

Instrument adopts lattice LCD display, test process and results acousto-optic hint.

Its inner side adopts precise circuit and powerful digital processing unit, using four-wire Kelvin test connection method to complete

a series of complicated data collection and calculation and obtain the test data of each item.

In addition, the inner of instrument has strengthened the input protection, to prevent polarity reversed connection,

and access voltage too high, poor contact of test clip head, over temperature prompt and other protection measures,

in order to make the operation more security and convenient.
The shell of instrument is made of solid ABS engineering materials, at the same time,

its top and bottom add steel plate with opening for simulating heating part of load and equipped with fans to strengthen

cooling in order to make the testing process more stable and reliable. Test lines are made of pure copper thicker test wire,

with four-wire Kelvin test clamp connection,test sampling value directly from the battery terminal,

in order to restore the actual working condition of battery, make the test results more accurate.


Test traction lead-acid battery

1 ) Used on ordinary 6V, 12V traction lead-acid battery.

2 ) Load test current: < 80A.

3 ) Battery capacity test range: 40Ah-200Ah.

4 ) Maximum voltage value: DC19.99V.

5 ) Internal resistance of battery: 1.00 milliohm – 99.99 milliohm.

6 ) L E D Status indication :

Battery status: " GREEN "(battery sufficient) ," YELLOW "(battery low) ,"RED "(replace battery);

7 ) Battery capacity preset: 40 - 200 A h continuing adjust, 5 Ah increment.

8 ) Test time: less than 10s; test interval : about every 5 minutes.

Test start-up lead-acid battery

1 ) Used on 12V start-up lead-acid battery.

2 ) Maximum voltage value: DC19.99V.

3 ) Internal resistance of battery: 1.00 milliohm – 99.99 milliohm.

4 ) Optional battery standards:

CCA:100 ~ 1700

IEC:100 ~ 1000

EN:100 ~ 1700

DIN:100 ~ 1000

JIS: Need to look-up table and contrast CCA (Table is in manual )

Packing list:

1x 3 in 1 Battery Tester

1x User Manual (in English)

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ТИП МУЛТИМЕТР Батерия Тестер

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