Air Conditioner, 12V 12000 BTU, DC Parking, Fits Semi Trucks Bus RV Caravan

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Caravan Air Conditioner, Tractor Cab air conditioner, Truck Air Conditioner, Truck Air Conditioner Unit, 12000 btu air conditioner, 12v air conditioner

EXTRA: 24v

parking air conditioner is a kind of in-car air conditioner. It refers to the equipment that uses the on-board battery DC power supply (12V) to make the air conditioner run continuously when parking and waiting and resting, and to adjust and control the temperature, humidity, flow rate and other parameters of the ambient air in the car, so as to fully meet the comfort cooling needs of the truck driver. 

Normally drivers leaving the engine running for hours to use the air conditioner during parking or rest time at night, it is bad for the environment and tons of fuel wasted, it also wears down the engine faster. Parking air conditioner works with truck battery power without engine on which can save energy and fuel and at same time provide safe and comfortable environment for driver. Fuel,Energy And Money Saving.

Digital frequency conversion control, more efficient and more energy saving. Use energy saving mode when you sleep at night, it can run continuously 6 to 8 hours. Use super mode in hottest hours, cooling rapidly and stronger air supply.


T hese DC 12V products are now widely used in the ventilation and air conditioning systems for the cabs in trucks, tractors and construction machinery.  

The DC Air Conditioner Kit is very easily connects to challenge confined space and extreme hot ambient!


The 12V electric air conditioning system have multi installation ways to ensure it can be suitable for most vehicles in the market. It includes:
1)  ro oftop mounted air c onditioner  for van, truck, commercial vehicles, special vehicle, trailer, earth-moving machine, motorhome, RV (re creational vehicl e) 
2) bac k - wall mounted air c ondition er for truck, tractor, trailer, heavy duty truck, light truck, truck cab, truck sleeper, sleeper cab.
The truck air con diti oner is divided into two types: Rooftop Air Conditioner/ split type model. Very easy to install.
T he entire air conditioner is integrated, with compressors, condensers, blowers and other accessories inside.

 Current (A):60-80A 
 Rated power:960W 
 Cooling capacity:1000W-3000W (3400-10238btu)
 Refrigerant:R134A(600g) (not include in the package)
 Oil:90ml-120ml POE68 
 Range of speed:1000-3000 

Outdoor unit size:L:660 * W:490 * H:210 (mm) / L:26 X W:19 X H:8 - inches
Indoor unit size:L:495 * W:355 * H:190 (mm) / L:19.5 X W:14 X H:7.5 - inches