Кръгъл HEPA хепа филтър с полимерно дъно, аналог на филтрите за прахосмукачка Kаrcher

14,40 € с вкл. ДДС

Lidl Parkside Vacuum Cleaners

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Кръгъл HEPA / хепа филтър с полимерно дъно, аналог на филтрите за прахосмукачка Kаrcher NT221 /Керхер/, Rowenta RU03 /Ровента/ и Parkside / Парксаид/

Подходящи за следните модели прахосмукачки:

Parkside PNTS 1250
Parkside PNTS 1300/A1
Parkside PNTS 1400/A1
Parkside PNTS 1500/A1
Parkside PNTS 1300/B2
Parkside PNTS 1400/B1
Parkside PNTS 1500/B2
Parkside PNTS 1300 C3
Parkside PNTS 23E
Parkside PNTS 30/4
Parkside PNTS 30/6
Parkside PNTS 30/6S
Parkside PNTS 30/7
Parkside PNTS 30/7E
Parkside PNTS 30/8E
Parkside PNTS 30/9E
Parkside PNTS 35/5
Parkside PNTS 34
Parkside PNTS 38

Филтъра се използва както при смучене на сухи отпадъци, така и при работа с вода и течности.

Размери: диаметър вътре: 150 мм * диаметър вън: 188 мм * височина: 165 мм

Wickes Canister Cleaner Wet & Dry Cartridge Vacuum Cleaner Filter! Ideal Replacement For Old Or Damage Vacuum HEPA Filter, Replacing Filters Will Improve The Cleaning Performance And Suction Of Your Vacuum Cleaner. Compatible Wickes & Lidl Parkside Vacuum Cartridge Filter 100% Brand New And Durable Ensure Long Time Of Use. Don't Wait For Tomorrow Buy Now! Simply Click "Add To Basket" And You're Good To Go.

Measurement: 180mm Od X 150mm Id X 165mm High

Fits Model:

Wickes & Lidl Parkside Models
Equivalent To Part Number: 500377

Package Content:

1 X Vacuum Cleaner HEPA Filter
1 X Happy To Serve You Customer Service

If You Are Not Completely Satisfied With Your Hepa Filter For Whatever Reason, Simply Let Us Know And We'll Refund You In Full.

Please Note: This Part Is A Non Genuine Compatible Spare Part And The Manufacturers' Names And Part Numbers Have Been Used For Reference Purposes Only.

Ύψος 165mm

Einhell BT-VC1250SA
Metabo ASA 9001

Tarrington House WVC3500
Nevac PT4501, enz.

Fam 100-999
Fam 349P
Fam 1000-9999
Fam 1400 E
Fam 1400 HF
Fam Aqua
Fam 1300 R
Fam Aqua Jumbo
Fam Apollo 2000
Fam Aquavac 600
Fam Aquavac 610
Fam Aquavac 612
Fam Aquavac 615
Fam Aquavac 620
Fam Aquavac 740
Fam Aquavac 7403
Fam Aquavac 7413
Fam Aquavac 742
Fam Aquavac 770
Fam Aquavac 790
Fam Aquavac 8500
Fam Aquavac 8502
Fam Aquavac 8503
Fam Aquavac 855
Fam Aquavac 8702
Fam Aquavac Boxer 20
Fam Aquavac Bulldog
Fam Aquavac Gusty 30
Fam Aquavac Hobby 33
Fam Aquavac Hobby 36
Fam Aquavac Pro 200
Fam Aquavac Pro 360
Fam Aquavac Pro 70
Fam Aquavac Safari
Fam Aquavac Super 30
Fam Aquavac Synchro 22
Fam Domestica 960
Fam NTP 20
Fam NTS 20
Fam Plus 1000
Fam Aztec
Fam Aztec
Fam Compact Line
Fam Compact Line FT3000
Fam Compact Line FT3200
Fam F
Fam FT3000
Fam FT3200
Fam FZ 9056134
Fam G
Fam G 34030
Fam G 34230
Fam G 34543
Fam G 34545
Fam Gr. 90532
Fam Gr. 90535
Fam GZ 90560-24
Fam GZ 90561-24
Fam Goblin
Fam Goblin
Fam Horizon
Fam Horizon
Fam Horizon 1200
Fam Horizon 1250E
Fam Powervac
Fam Powervac
Fam Premier
Fam Rio
Fam Rio
Fam Shopvac
Fam Skyline
Fam skyline FC4000
Fam X
Fam X 82

Parkside PNTS 30/4(E/S)
Parkside 30/6(E/S)
Parkside 30/7(E/S)
Parkside 30/8(E/S)
Parkside 30/9(E/S)
Parkside 35/5(E/S)

Parkside 1300 (A1)
Parkside 1400 (A1/B1/C1)
Parkside 1500 (A1/B1/B2)


Rowenta 00-99
Rowenta 2 RU12
Rowenta 22 AIR
Rowenta 100-999
Rowenta 931SL
Rowenta 1000-9999
Rowenta 1043 LG
Rowenta 1700 Parquet
Rowenta 4631
Rowenta 4633
Rowenta A
Rowenta Ambia
Rowenta Ambia RO211
Rowenta Ambia RO220
Rowenta Ambia RO225
Rowenta Ambia RO230
Rowenta Ambia RO240
Rowenta Aquavac
Rowenta Artec
Rowenta Artec 2
Rowenta B
Rowenta balloon
Rowenta BIDONE
Rowenta BP61
Rowenta Bully
Rowenta Bully
Rowenta Bully RB014
Rowenta Bully RB08
Rowenta Bully RB50
Rowenta Bully RB522
Rowenta Bully RB526
Rowenta Bully RB60
Rowenta Bully RB60.1
Rowenta Bully RB602
Rowenta Bully RB70
Rowenta Bully RB700
Rowenta Bully RB720
Rowenta Bully RB800
Rowenta Bully RB839
Rowenta Bully RB870
Rowenta Bully RD 200
Rowenta Bully RD 206
Rowenta Bully RU01
Rowenta Bully RU040
Rowenta Bully RU041
Rowenta Bully RU05
Rowenta Bully RU062
Rowenta Bully RU068
Rowenta Bully RU071
Rowenta Bully RU072
Rowenta Bully RU100
Rowenta Bully RU104
Rowenta Bully RU12
Rowenta Bully RU15
Rowenta Bully RU361
Rowenta Bully RU500
Rowenta Bully RU57
Rowenta Bully RU605
Rowenta Bully RU700
Rowenta Bully RU705
Rowenta Bully RU720
Rowenta Bully RU814
Rowenta Bully RU824
Rowenta Bully RU90
Rowenta C
Rowenta CEK 151
Rowenta Classic
Rowenta Collecto
Rowenta Collecto RU600
Rowenta Collecto RU605
Rowenta Collecto RU630
Rowenta Collecto RU635
Rowenta Compact Power
Rowenta Compacteo MO 1533
Rowenta D
Rowenta Dymbo RS005
Rowenta Dymbo RS007
Rowenta Dymbo RS008S
Rowenta Dymbo RS009S
Rowenta Dymbo RS010
Rowenta Dymbo RS010 E
Rowenta Dymbo RS011S
Rowenta Dymbo RS012S
Rowenta Dymbo RS014S
Rowenta Dymbo RS015
Rowenta Dymbo RS020
Rowenta Dymbo RS099
Rowenta E
Rowenta E26
Rowenta I
Rowenta Intenso
Rowenta J
Rowenta Jazz
Rowenta K
Rowenta K 2001
Rowenta M
Rowenta Masterlux
Rowenta N
Rowenta Neo
Rowenta Neo RO455
Rowenta O
Rowenta Original ZR81
Rowenta Original ZR815
Rowenta 101.591
Rowenta 899.971
Rowenta RB 12
Rowenta RB08
Rowenta RB14
Rowenta RB50
Rowenta RB50.1
Rowenta RB500
Rowenta RB51
Rowenta RB510
Rowenta RB52
Rowenta RB52.1
Rowenta RB52.2
Rowenta RB52.5
Rowenta RB520
Rowenta RB522
Rowenta RB526
Rowenta RB54
Rowenta RB56
Rowenta RB57
Rowenta RB60
Rowenta RB60.1
Rowenta RB602
Rowenta RB61
Rowenta RB70
Rowenta RB700
Rowenta RB720
Rowenta RB800
Rowenta RB820
Rowenta RB839
Rowenta RB850
Rowenta RB860
Rowenta RB870
Rowenta RCF122
Rowenta RCF180
Rowenta RCF250
Rowenta RCF256 ZR74
Rowenta RD200
Rowenta RD215
Rowenta RN600
Rowenta RN610
Rowenta RO123301
Rowenta RO5255
Rowenta RS0009
Rowenta RS005
Rowenta RS007
Rowenta RS0085
Rowenta RS009
Rowenta RS010
Rowenta RS090
Rowenta RS730
Rowenta RS740
Rowenta RS745
Rowenta RS75
Rowenta RS76
Rowenta RS762
Rowenta RS766
Rowenta RS810
Rowenta RU01
Rowenta RU010
Rowenta RU020
Rowenta RU05
Rowenta RU062
Rowenta RU065
Rowenta RU068
Rowenta RU07
Rowenta RU070
Rowenta RU071
Rowenta RU08
Rowenta RU1
Rowenta RU10
Rowenta RU102
Rowenta RU108
Rowenta RU11
Rowenta RU110
Rowenta RU15
Rowenta RU29
Rowenta RU30
Rowenta RU31
Rowenta RU32
Rowenta RU33
Rowenta RU34
Rowenta RU36
Rowenta RU361
Rowenta RU367
Rowenta RU368
Rowenta RU38
Rowenta RU381
Rowenta RU40
Rowenta RU41
Rowenta RU42
Rowenta RU43
Rowenta RU45
Rowenta RU46
Rowenta RU500
Rowenta RU520
Rowenta RU520 S
Rowenta RU521
Rowenta RU521 S
Rowenta RU600
Rowenta RU605
Rowenta RU630
Rowenta RU635
Rowenta RU700
Rowenta RU720
Rowenta RU814
Rowenta RU824
Rowenta RU90
Rowenta Spaceo
Rowenta Spacio
Rowenta Spongo
Rowenta T
Rowenta TO 12
Rowenta Tonixo
Rowenta V
Rowenta VCZ0PE3
Rowenta VCZ0PE3 Wonderbag Compact
Rowenta Vorace
Rowenta Wonderbag Compact
Rowenta Wet & Dry
Rowenta Wet & Dry
Rowenta Wet & Dry RU300
Rowenta Wet & Dry RU33
Rowenta Wet & Dry RU38 Compact
Rowenta Wet & Dry RU40
Rowenta Wet & Dry RU400
Rowenta Wet & Dry RU42
Rowenta Wet & Dry RU43
Rowenta Wet & Dry RU44
Rowenta Wet & Dry Vorace
Rowenta X
Rowenta X-Tream Power RO432311
Rowenta X-Tream Power XL
Rowenta X-Trem Power
Rowenta X-Trem Power Allergy Care
Rowenta X-Trem Power XL
Rowenta Z
Rowenta Z455
Rowenta Z53
Rowenta Z55
Rowenta Z65
Rowenta Z66
Rowenta Z76
Rowenta Z78
Rowenta Z85
Rowenta ZR 455
Rowenta ZR0015
Rowenta ZR001501
Rowenta ZR002801
Rowenta ZR003901
Rowenta ZR455 tonixo
Rowenta ZR470
Rowenta ZR480
Rowenta ZR745
Rowenta ZR76
Rowenta ZR764
Rowenta ZR765
Rowenta ZR80
Rowenta ZR804
Rowenta ZR81
Rowenta ZR814
Rowenta ZR815
Rowenta ZR816
Rowenta ZR817
Rowenta ZR82

Техническо описание

Резервни части за прахосмукачки HEPA филтри
торба за прахосмукачка DELONGHI - PARKSIDE

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